Lets Hack and Make it Better



The featured image above shows the conquering of something that makes me happy and something that I am passionate about. Let’s climb and hack our way to the top of another mountain and face another challenge!

First off, the young boy Logan LaPlante in the Ted Talk is wise beyond his years. I felt like I was listening to a speaker who had lived their whole life and was giving advice to the young grasshoppers.

For me, what caught my attention was that we should hack what makes us happy. Do what interests us, dig deeper, find new paths, and be creative. How could you not be happy doing all of those things for something that you are passionate about? I feel that if we did more hackschooling our students would be more creative and have more passion and interest in their everyday learning inside and outside of the classroom.

What I read (Centering on Essential Lenses) and listened to will shape my teaching on taking new approaches to introducing new content to my students. I will let them have freedom and have their own unique creative minds. When a child gets to create and be unique, they are proud and they become more interested by a significant amount. It is important though that we don’t just let our students have a free-for-all while doing this though because things could easily get out of hand. We as teachers will still have to set boundaries, guidelines, and standards for the students to follow. The students will still need to set goals and attempt to meet them while they are hacking. As a teacher I will encourage my students to be as creative as possible in their learnings and goal meetings. The sky is the limit in my book. There is always room for more and better and there is always room for improvement.

I enjoyed this reading and listening to the Ted talk video because it truly is inspirational and humbling for your own-self. It motivates me as an everyday person for myself, not just as a future educator. I will encourage creativity and freedom in my classroom for my students, but I will also do it for myself, so that I can accomplish goals in things that I am passionate about. The reading put a whole new “lens” on how to look at things and how it is okay to take the untouched path, be unique and take chances for yourself. Even if you fail, you won’t know unless you try it.


2 thoughts on “Lets Hack and Make it Better

  1. I agree that the TED talk and the article were inspirational and humbling! It makes me want to be a teacher who will allow creativity in the classroom and try not to let anything get in the way of my students’ learning. I also agree that there are some boundaries you have to make as a teacher, but as long as you are working your hardest to make sure that students get to explore their passions and have some time for creativity, boundaries shouldn’t be a huge problem. I love that you made an emphasis on being happy, and said that we should do what makes us happy. I think that a lot of the time in education some people tend to lose focus and just get into a boring routine. I think you took some very important points and gave great further explanation about the article and video. I look forward to reading your future blog posts!


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